Yup, There’s an App(le) for That…

by Kathleen Reale

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Wanna make the sweetest apple pie in the world? There’s an app(le) for that; Need a snack mid-day that is crisp and tart? There’s an app(le) for that; and want to toss things up and give your salad some extra zip? Well, there’s an app(le) for that too.


Just like there are thousand of app’s for smart phones and their users, there are also thousand of apples for smart cooks and kitchen’s everywhere. 


But how do you sort through the thousand of varieties to determine what the best apple is for the use you need? Following are some pointers and tips on the most popular apple varieties, their uses and tidbits of other useful information. As you can see, there’s an app(le) for just about everything!


McIntosh: The best selling apple in the northeastern part of the United States and in Canada. The McIntosh is tart, thin skinned and cooks quickly. It also is packed with juice, which is why it is one the best apples to use when making cider. The McIntosh takes the award for the best all-around apple.   


Red Delicious: Excellent eaten as a allergen or gluten free snack or sliced on top of salads, this sweet flavored apple is not one you want to use while baking. This produce department best-seller is instantly recognizable with its bright apple-red skin and distinguishing shape. 


Rome Beauty: This thick-skinned apple, makes good eating, but even better cider and baked goods. Native to the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and the Midwestern United States, this somewhat bland in flavor apple, is crisp and firm. It keeps well and is the baking apple of choice.


Jonathon: Need an apple that provides a spicy tang? Reach for a Jonathon. Great for gluten and allergen free cooking and baking. Need an apple for pick applesauce? Grab another Jonathon!


Granny Smith: One of the world’s most popular apples, it is in peak season year-round. A sure bet for pies, this green fruit is a nice balance between sweet and tart.


Winesap: This complex flavored apple is not especially sweet, so it is a good choice for sauce, pies and cider. The yellow flesh is firm and juicy, and the skin tough as nails.


Newton / Pippin: Native to California and Oregon, the Newton / Pippin has been referenced as the classic “American Apple”. Perfect for baking and cooking, the variety stores magnificently, and continues to get sweeter and richer with time. So stock up and enjoy for gluten-free baking weeks after picking!   


Gravenstein: Another west coast native, this moderately tart and very aromatic apple makes a nice pick for pies and sauce. Thin skinned and juicy, this fruit is an outstanding summer apple, and is best harvested in the late summer.


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